DIESEL 9L 2.0-2.5T – FD20-25 Series



FIORA B Series 4-way sideloaders are used to transport and stow palletised and long materials. Therefore, they can operate with ease in warehouses organised with pallet racking or cantilever shelving.

The operator sits comfortably in the cab, protected by the robust safety roof, and has full control over all of the sideloader functions simply by operating a few levers and the steering wheel.

The use of solid and reliable materials, the precision machining and the attention to detail make FIORA sideloaders versatile, agile and lively, as well as extremely pleasant and safe to drive, even in heavy working conditions.


Lifting Capacity: 3.0 – 4.0 t

Centre of Gravity: 600mm

Voltage: 48V

Wheel Treads: VUL

Electric: AC

Brakes: Hydraulic

Travel Speed: 9 km/h

Lifting Speed: 0.30 m/s

Battery: 48V 775Ah

Drive: 4-way