Over 20 years specialising in Forklifts

We offer a range of services with forklifts

  • Sales
  • Hire
  • Lease
  • Maintenance and Service

Find your truck

We have a selection of new/used forklift trucks available for sale/hire.
Feel free to give us a call on +353 42 932 9211 regarding any questions you may have.

We service, maintain and upkeep all forklift makes and models

We hire/sell all types of forklifts on short term/long term basis.

Front Loading, Side Loaders, Rough Terrain & Telescopic forklifts available. We also offer Diesel, LPG and Electric forklifts ranging from 0.5 up to 25 tonnes of lifting power.

BK Forklifts

Main dealer for Tailift & CT Power Forklifts. Member of Forklift Truck Association, verified by Thorough Examination.

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