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Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are a critical component in material handling; without them it would be impossible to move certain loads. 



Many attachments in stock to suit many applications including Sideshifters,.Fork Positioner, Paper clamps, pull and push attachments, multiple pallet handler, rotators, fork extensions and much more 


Many of our attachments can deal with difficult and awkward loads. 



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Forklift Attachments

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Forklift Attachments


Forklift attachments are specialized accessories that can be added to forklifts to extend their capabilities and adapt them for specific material handling tasks. These attachments enhance the versatility and efficiency of forklifts by allowing them to handle different types of loads and perform specialized functions. Here are some common types of forklift attachments:

1. Fork Extensions: Fork extensions are metal extensions that are added to the existing forks of a forklift to increase their length. They allow the forklift to handle longer and larger loads safely.

2. Side Shifters: Side shifters enable the forklift operator to move the forks laterally, or side to side, without having to reposition the entire forklift. This helps with aligning the forks with pallets or loads accurately.

3. Fork Positioners: Fork positioners allow the operator to adjust the distance between the forks, making it easier to handle different pallet sizes without manually adjusting the forks.

4. Bale Clamps: Bale clamps are used to handle materials like bales of hay, cotton, or other compressible materials. They grip the material securely and can rotate to place the load in the desired position.

5. Rotators: Rotator attachments allow the forks to rotate or tilt, making it easier to dump or empty containers, barrels, or bins.

6. Drum Handlers: Drum handlers are designed to lift, move, and handle drums of various sizes. They often have mechanisms to securely grip and tilt the drums.

7. Carton Clamps: Carton clamps are used for handling boxed or cartonized loads. They have soft pads that grip the sides of the load without damaging the packaging.

8. Pulp Bale Clamps: Pulp bale clamps are specialized attachments used in the paper industry to handle large bales of paper or pulp.

9. Roll Clamps: Roll clamps are designed to handle rolls of materials like paper, textiles, or plastic. They use pressure and friction to secure the load.

10. Telescopic Forks: Telescopic forks can extend or retract to reach different depths, allowing for easier handling of loads at varying distances.

11. Man Baskets: Man baskets or work platforms attach to the forklift's forks and are used to elevate workers to perform maintenance or repair tasks at heights.

12. Carpet Poles: Carpet poles are used to handle and transport rolls of carpet or other rolled materials.

13. Multiple Pallet Handlers: These attachments allow a single forklift to handle multiple pallets simultaneously.

14. Push/Pull Attachments: Push/pull attachments are used for handling slip-sheeted loads without the need for pallets.

15. Snow Plows: Snow plow attachments can be added to forklifts to clear snow from paths and driveways.

When considering forklift attachments for your operation, it's important to ensure that the forklift is compatible with the attachment and that operators receive proper training to use the attachments safely and efficiently. Additionally, assess your specific material handling needs to determine which attachments will provide the most value and enhance your operational capabilities.