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Shunter Trucks

We have a large selection of quality new and used shunters in Ireland available for sale and hire


Increased Shunting Efficiency making it easier to move trailers on site 

Increased Operator Safety as reduces need to leave shunter to attach trailer 

Low Maintenance and Sustainable 

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Shunter Trucks

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Shunter trucks

Shunter trucks, also known as yard trucks, terminal tractors, or spotter trucks, are specialized vehicles used in logistics and transportation operations to move and position trailers or containers within distribution centers, warehouses, ports, and other industrial settings. Shunter trucks are designed to efficiently handle the movement of trailers and containers short distances, particularly in areas where space is limited or maneuverability is essential. Here's an overview of shunter trucks:

Key Features and Functions:

  1. Moving Trailers: Shunter trucks are primarily used to move trailers or containers within a confined space, such as a shipping yard or loading dock.

  2. Coupling and Uncoupling: Shunter trucks are equipped with a fifth wheel hitch mechanism that allows them to easily couple and uncouple from trailers.

  3. Short Distances: These trucks are designed for short-distance operations, typically within a few hundred yards or meters.

  4. Maneuverability: Shunter trucks are built for precise maneuvering in tight spaces, making them essential for tasks such as aligning trailers for loading or unloading.

  5. Spotting: Shunter trucks are often used to "spot" or position trailers accurately for loading, unloading, or storage.

  6. Versatility: Shunter trucks can be used in various industries, including logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and ports.

Types of Shunter Trucks:

  1. On-Road Shunter Trucks: These trucks are designed to operate on public roads and are equipped with features like turn signals, mirrors, and road legal requirements.

  2. Off-Road Shunter Trucks: Off-road shunter trucks are used in closed areas like industrial yards, where they don't need to adhere to road regulations.


  1. Efficiency: Shunter trucks help optimize operations by quickly moving trailers to their required locations, reducing downtime.

  2. Maneuverability: Their compact size and design allow shunter trucks to navigate tight spaces and corners, which larger trucks might struggle with.

  3. Flexibility: Shunter trucks can be used for various tasks, from loading and unloading to repositioning trailers for storage.

  4. Labor Savings: Shunter trucks streamline tasks that would otherwise require manual labor or the use of larger, less maneuverable trucks.


  1. Capacity: Shunter trucks come in different weight capacities to accommodate various trailer sizes and loads.

  2. Power Source: Shunter trucks can be powered by diesel, electric, or hybrid systems, depending on the operational needs and environmental considerations.

  3. Safety: Operators of shunter trucks should undergo proper training to ensure safe maneuvering and operation.

  4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the reliability and longevity of shunter trucks, given their intensive use.

Shunter trucks play a vital role in optimizing logistics and transportation operations by efficiently handling the movement and positioning of trailers and containers. If you're considering using shunter trucks in your operation, it's advisable to consult with professionals who specialize in this equipment to determine the right type and specifications for your needs.