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Why Take a Forklift Training Course?

Forklift Driver Training

Forklift Driver Training Courses, Sharpen Your Moving and Lifting Skills, Keep You and Others Safe, and Open Doors to New Opportunities

According to the National Irish Safety Organisation, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board reimbursed around 40 people for workplace accidents involving forklifts.

BK Forklifts’ Forklift Training Course, certified by the Irish Institute of Purchasing of Materials Management (IIPMM), aims to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. When you're operating a forklift, you're not just responsible for your own safety but for other people's safety as well.

By enrolling in the course, construction and manufacturing companies are more likely to consider you for the role of a forklift driver. If you work in an industry that employs a forklift hire service, you can obtain a forklift training certificate to qualify as a potential candidate for driving forklifts.

Do you want to maximise your earnings? If yes, that’s another reason to enrol in our Forklift Driver Training Course. In Ireland, you can expect to earn anywhere from €13.42 to €17.36 per hour depending on your experience.

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What Will You Learn in a Forklift Training Course?

Our IIPMM-certified Forklift Driver Training Course, overseen by experienced forklift training instructors, will equip you with the knowledge needed to safely operate a forklift. Our qualified instructors will train you to operate a wide range of forklifts and  attachments, on a variety of different settings.

Apart from learning to operate forklifts, you’ll also study telescopic handlers, counterbalance mechanics, reach trucks, driving on rough terrains, pivot steer, side loader, maintenance checks, parking, safety protocols, and more.

Enrol in Our Forklift Driver Training Course to Comply with the Laws

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires every forklift driver to take an IIPMM-certified Forklift Driving Course. With forklifts known as one of the most dangerous types of vehicles to operate due to their silent and chameleon-like nature to blend into the environment, it's essential individuals secure a certificate.

Companies can also integrate our Forklift Driver Course into their training program to reintroduce senior employees to driving, safety, and maintenance features. Companies can reskill new employees aiming for forklift driving certification as well.

Our Forklift Driver Training Course Can Improve an Aspiring Forklift Driver’s Skill and Technique

With us, you can apply for re-certification courses, experienced forklift driving courses, forklift conversion courses, and novice forklift driving courses. The duration for each course varies.

Are You Interested in Joining Our IIPMM-certified Forklift Driving Training Course?

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